Does Staging Really Help Your Home Sell?

Staged to Sell

Here is the cold hard truth about selling your house, I tell all my sellers, “nobody wants to buy your house, they are looking to buy their new home.” National Association of REALTORS® staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than homes than non-staged homes. Keep in mind, staging and decorating are not the same at all. Staging is a way of presenting the homes features in the best way possible, while giving the potential buyer a sense of belonging, they need to be able to see themselves living in the home.

As a Listing Specialist and Accredited Staging Professional® in the Phoenix, AZ market I believe staging a property to sell has never been more crucial that right now. Inventory levels remain low, but the bar has risen for buyers expectations. As a seller, your competitors are New Builds selling model homes and property flippers, which both of these type of sellers know the importance of home staging and so should traditional sellers. I would like to share some before and after pictures of a home I staged and sold in 4 days, at full price offer and with multiple offers. Now keep in mind, the home had been listed for sale on the market for nearly 5 months with 2 other real estate agents.

First and foremost the largest return on investment is to declutter. This proves to have a 90% return, mostly because it doesn’t cost the seller much money at all. Perhaps some cost in storage fees, however most of my sellers choose to just load it all up in the garage, the one area of a home buyers expect to see clutter. Besides, your going to be moving anyway, start packing now.

So what are the most important areas of your property to have staged? If its at all possible, every room should be staged. I spend one appointment with my sellers just going through the each room with a checklist to prepare for our staging appointment. Realistically it isn’t always feasible, to stage every room, so here are the most important rooms to stage.

The heart of the home of course, the kitchen. Take a look at the before and after pictures of the kitchen. It really doesn’t need much, however dirty dishes in the sink and food on the counters just aren’t appealing to potential home buyers. Also notice the removal of appliances on the counter tops, this helps to show the most amount of counter space. Remove everything off the refrigerator, its just clutter and distraction for the buyer.

Second most important would be the Master Bedroom and Bath. Simply removing the clutter from bath counter tops can make a huge impact. I always prefer the shower curtain closed about three-quarters of the way. You will also see the impact that photo angle has here on the difference in the before and after photos. Professionally photography is a must! After all 98% of buyers start the search for a home on the internet, pictures really are worth thousands of dollars!

The other rooms would obviously be the family room, living room or formal dining room and entry way. As a Listing Specialist, my minds eye always goes to our target prospect and what would appeal to them. This particularly home is large, 5 bedrooms and most likely buyer would have multiple members and looking for a larger play yard. This home had just that so staging the backyard was very important. Relocating some outdoor furniture and staging an intimate dining area made a tremendous difference in opening up the small patio. I also removed several potted plants and relocated some in a cluster setting to add to the ambience.

After all was said and done this home was completely staged inside and the backyard and the only thing it cost my seller was a weekend of packing put the items they were already going to be packing and they got their asking price and was able to move into their dream home.

Here are some actual before and after photo examples…

Kitchen Notes: Better wide-angle photography and lighting, (Professional photography is something that is a standard with our team) but also notice no dishes, less clutter, no magnets on fridge. Kitchen looks way better.

Bathroom Notes: Better angle, less clutter, view into master bedroom making bathroom look bigger.

Backyard Notes: Look how we angled the shot to make the backyard appear larger. Additionally we added color with the umbrella and chairs.

If you or someone you know could use our services, or perhaps you tried to sell and couldn’t maybe a better marketing plan and staging is what you need. The home illustrated above was listed by two other agents before we were hired and we sold it fast, for top dollar. Exposure is key. We work hard to sell your property using techniques illustrated above to get agents and buyers in your home.

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